EOLOS, Stage 3 certified

Published: 05 . 04 . 2022

Stage 3 signifies the highest possible level of availability and performance providing minimal levels of uncertainty in site specific measurements.

The EOLOS floating LiDAR buoy, deployed across Europe, Asia and the Americas has exceeded the quantitative indicators of both accuracy and availability independently assessed by DNV, Frazer Nash and Multiversum.

The UK’s Carbon Trust set out a commercialisation roadmap that was quickly adopted by the industry as the recognised benchmark for product design and capabilities, accuracy and performance. This has aided not only offshore developers and funders in specifying and assessing the market offerings, it has also applied rigour to the OEMs within the industry and strive for reaching quantitative key performance indicators.

Stage 3 certification

Declaration of Stage 3 certification can only be achieved by an external, independent audit of the fleet performance and extended classification campaigns against strictly maintained fixed reference devises. To that end EOLOS contracted Multiversum GmbH for the assessment, which included the evaluation of the FLS200 performance by two independent consultants DNV and Frazer Nash. All three entities were key stakeholders in the compilation of the original Carbon Trust roadmap. Similarly, commercial campaigns executed by EOLOS were granted access by developers such as EdF, Iberdrola, OceanWinds and Parkwind to the auditing consultants.

Appointed industry expert Detlef Stein of Multiversum GmbH ascertains “Upon evaluating the performance sets across the fleet, EOLOS has not only exceeded the criteria appliable to Stage 3 accreditation, their FLS200 has consistently demonstrated low and competitive traceable wind data uncertainties near the lower end of the Roadmap expected range for Stage 3.”

Rajai Aghabi, CEO and founder of EOLOS clarified “What we have attained is commercial acceptance of floating LiDAR technology via an internationally recognised level of accreditation. It signifies traceable bankability of the product and confirms the ability of EOLOS to yield the highest quality data with the lowest uncertainty.”

The achievement is especially significant for EOLOS in respect of the rate of the growth of the company and its speed of attaining the performance indicators. EOLOS began its classification trials in 2016 and, after inception of the company just two years earlier. The rate of track-record accumulated, across three Continents has made EOLOS a go-to candidate for turn-key campaigns by all major developers. Just last month EOLOS signed a frame agreement with Danish based Ørsted in January 2022 marking a step change in the industry procurement process. Harland added, “As the industry matures, the procurement process changes and evidence of appetite for frame agreements is a sign that there is not only technology acceptance by the largest offshore developers but that they wish to reduce supply chain uncertainty. The next phase will be consolidation with perhaps some vertical integration.”

EOLOS offers the combination of wind, ocean and environmental turn-key measuring solutions and digital services to the offshore wind industry. EOLOS’ products and digital services gather data efficiently for offshore wind developers and operators globally accelerating the development phase, lowering costs and risk. EOLOS’ product the FLS200 is a multi-purpose autonomous buoy that integrates cutting edge sensors to measure wind, ocean and environmental characteristics reducing uncertainty and inherent risks during the development, operation and maintenance phase of the Offshore Wind Farm.


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